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In 2010, after seeing a building manager giving a binder to a roofing contractor and warning him to take care of that because it was the only book they had with the roofing details and specifications, I had the idea to create an online place where that type of information would never be lost and could always be easily updated. That was the beginning of Homespex, a platform where more than just details and specifications would be recorded, business would have the opportunity to create relationships, contractors would be able to share (send and receive) properties information, homeowners would be able to have a digital prospect of their biggest asset and realtors would be able to offer a differentiate service to their customers.

At Homespex we know firsthand how important is to have the right information when you need it – from a simple tile model number for repair project or up to an entire renovation process, with communication control between contractor and client so, since 2017, we’ve poured every ounce of our blood, sweat, and tears into creation of this platform.

We’ve tackled the relation between contractors, realtors and homeowners to simplify and optimize it. We created solutions for the contractors to handle the daily volume of calls and with a AI help, select and prioritize the important calls, tools for the realtors to enrich their listings and for homeowners to stablish a common channel of communication between them, realtors and contractors for easier sales and better results. All so that all parts involved in the Real Estate transaction, can get the better results, which could be a property sale, a house renovation project or a professional searching.

We couldn’t be prouder to offer you this unique platform and tools set to facilitate the handling and operation of your business and property. And we look forward to bringing you the innovative and high-quality way to handle all your real estate needs for years to come!

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