Clean and functional

Our house is, for most of us, the major possession we have and many times the more expensive one too.
Although that may be a reality, it is normal to see a poor record or even no record of this so precious resource.

Homespex was created to fix that.

Think Homespex as your house dashboard. A place to record and store any info regarding your property that can be relevant and useful to you, and most important, a place that can be reached when you need it.
No more messy old paint cans in the garage, or piles of old construction material saved to serve as samples!
Record any material used in a place that is safe and easy to access. Organize it by room, category, type and name, so you can easily record and access common useful info as such as paint colors names, see walls and/or labels pictures, or even more detailed info like the expensive special order hardware you bought for your walk in closet cabinet, detailing description, brand, model, size, supplier and cost.
Did you buy something that came with warranty? Great, don’t miss the right to use it because you forgot that the product or service you bought had warranty. You can record and review it here it. All in the same place.

Have you ever lost the contact of that great handyman or contractor?

Not anymore. Record contractor’s name, phone number, address and email, but it gets even better! Relate the contractor you used to the project he has performed by naming him the “contractor” for that specific work, and add copies of certificate of insurances, estimates and invoices, before and after pictures, communications exchanged between you and him (emails and phone calls) and much more! Share your property info (as such as measurements and material specs) with your contractors or find a new one through Homespex to receive estimates and compare prices.

Share and read reviews of contractors before you contact them

Contact member Real Estate agents and see more Homespex details of your future property. The information you won’t get on regular listings. View, save and share listing through Homespex!