During sellers market times, minimal or none effort is needed from the builders side to go from blueprints to sold property, however, although most builders stop their relationship with the new homeowner at the time of the closing, it’s crucial for the longevity of the business to create a “mark” that will over live the transfer of the keys to the new homeowner.

Homespex is the platform where that “mark” will be registered forever! Doesn’t matter if it’s next year or 50 years from now, every new homeowner will know that you were the craftmaster of that unique property.

Reinforcing your branding on your properties will distinguish you from another generic home builder to “my home builder”.

It’s time to show your customer the care and attention you have not only with you final product, but also with all the details involved in the construction behind the scene. More than just wood and drywall, you will deliver a above average product, eliminating old fashion informative binders, optimizing your customer care assistance and reducing your waist of human resources.

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