Reach more clients and make more business

The construction and Real Estate industry are in constant move. Because of that, it is essential to be prepared with all the reachable resources available, to overcome the challenges that the market throws on you, in order to survive in the modern world.

Homespex is the tool designed for your success

In a market where the demand for contractors is high and the offer of skilled professionals is scarce, is common see contractor mishandling customer relationships and even sometimes losing clients due to poor communication - or even worse - no communication at all. Establishing a strong and long-lasting relationship with customer is paramount to guarantee your name will always be remembered with a good standing and will be available in front of your clients when they think about their new project

Look at Homespex as the house dashboard

A place to record and store any and all information regarding the Real Estate property that can be relevant and useful to you, and most important, a place that can be easily reached when you need it.

A green solution for your client property records

No more messy old paint cans in the garage. No more outdated binders or paper sheets with a hundred of pages of generic house information. No more piles of old construction material saved to serve as samples! Record any material information used in the property for future reference, in a place that is safe and easy for you and your customers to access, review and update. Organize it by room, category, type and name, so you can easily record, find and retrieve common useful information - Save paint colors names, tile information, flooring name/brand/supplier, custom products' info, project pictures, or even more detailed info like the expensive special order hardware you bought for your walk in closet cabinet, detailing description, brand, model, size, supplier and cost.

Show you care. Your clients will love it

Do you offer warranty or have you used something in the project that is covered by warranty? Great, show your customer you care about them. Give them the information needed, so they won’t miss the opportunity to use it because they forgot or didn’t know that the product or service you used/offered had warranty. You can record, and they can review it here it. All in the same place.

Communication is the key. Record it and review

Have you ever lost a selection information or get confused about what your client had decided about some project detail, or even, had a client with short memory or those whom change their minds and their plans every couple days (or in the worse cases - every couple hours) during the construction process?If your answer is NO, you are one of the luckiests contractors in business! But if your answer was YES, Homespex has created a platform that will solve that problem. Save your phone conversations, emails and messages exchanged between clients, suppliers or any contact you wish, in case you need to review it in the future. The record will have a date and time stamp in order to clarify when that has occurred