Builders / Developers

Build new houses or communities.
No matter the quantity of properties you build, if you are responsible for a creation of a new house, group of houses or an entire subdivision this is your place.


The digital era has arrived for so many industries, but some still work as we used to do half a century ago. Homespex came to fulfill this gap between the process and the user on the housing industry. Think of your building company as a Trademark or a Brand that will be digitally printed on all your properties and that can never be deleted or changed. It does not matter if it is the first buyer or 30th buyer, your company name will be displayed on that property forever, and there is more, your happy customers will have the option and opportunity to seek for new properties built by you when it is time for a house change or upgrade.

Some of the benefits

  • Create a digital detailed version of your property documentation, including finish selection, materials, suppliers, contractors, warranties and more.
  • Eliminates printed manuals and user instructions.
  • Permanently identify you as the property builder/developer for your buyer and all heritance’s homeowners therefore.
  • Reinforce your company as the Trademark / Brand of your properties.
  • Creates a link between you and the new property owner.
  • Interact with your realtor and home buyer through the sales process.
  • Document all your communications with Realtors and buyers.
  • Record construction details for future references.
  • Save pictures during the building process.
  • Creates a digital exposure of your company.


  • Legal Company information.

Payment Plans