Looking for a new house?

Homespex is a special networking application where you can search and find new constructed developments and houses available in the market, but that is just the beginning.


Builders and contractors connected to Homespex are much more detail oriented and eager to maximize the control and knowledge you have over your property. In connection with this new age of companies and professionals, we are engaged to make possible an easy, economical and more organized way to manage one of your most valuable assets – your home.

Start with the basics

  • Search new properties by address, city or zip code.
  • Filter the results of your search by price range, # of bedrooms or # ofbathrooms.
  • See location on the map.
  • Save and/or share your findings.
  • Manage your findings, organizing them from the most desired properties to the discarded ones.
  • Contact and interact with Real Estate Agents and builders.
  • See details usually not available in regular Real Estate listings.
  • Make your decision and become part of a new level of homeownership.

The digital version of your new house

Access every detail from your new house and keep it updated for future reference. Keep records of contractors, warranty information, color schemes, upgrades and much more.

New Home Features

More than just colors

Record every single finish detail, such as, flooring, lighting, cabinetry, appliances, plumbing fixtures, HVAC, and any other element you desire – from inside or outside;

Who was my contractor

Receive a list of referred contractors from your builder for warranties and/or future repairs, also have access to many other Homespex connected contractors.

Still looking for your new house?

Use the house search tool to find all new developments and houses available in the market around you. Directly contact builders and agents and get the best deal

Start your new house search now

The digital era has arrived for so many industries, but for some, it is still working as it used to half a century ago. Homespex came to fill the gap between the producers (Builders) and the users (Home Buyer) on the housing industry. Forget that paper folder full of non-useful information that all new homeowners receive when buying new homes. Photocopies of manuals, generic maintenance tips, superficial, if any, building finishing information, etc. No more empty paint cans stored in the garage to remember walls colors! Something broken? Get your warranty information in seconds. No more paper searching. Are you shopping for HVAC filter replacement? Just access your Homespex and check its brand, model and size. Easy as 1-2-3. Are you ready to move on to the next house but you like the features in your current house? Find out if your home builder has any new development available. Keep an improvement progress history that will not yellow or fade. Retrieve saved pictures, contractor’s info, warranties, materials used, suppliers, manufacturers, measurements, you name it.

How to get access

At this time, Homespex is available to you ONLY through Builders and Contractors.

It’s a simple 3 steps process:
STEP 1 – Send an invitation
STEP 2 – Receive the email confirmation
STEP 3 – Access your digital home


What happens next?

  1. The builder or contractor will receive a notification (email and/or text message) from Homespex to include your property in the platform. If he is not part of the Homespex network yet, he will be able to sign up for free. You will, also, receive an email confirming your request.
  2. After creating your digital house in the Homespex data base, the builder or contractor will start uploading all available information about the property (e.g. interior finishes, measurements, etc).
  3. Ounce your digital house is created in our database by your builder or contractor, you will receive a notification by email confirming your activation. You will get a full, but temporary, access to the platform.
  4. Meanwhile, you will receive, by REGULAR MAIL, a physical confirmation of your address. There you will find an unique code that, in combination with the email you received from Homespex, will give you permanent access and control of your records.
  5. Ounce you accept the information uploaded about your property by your builder or contractor, the builder or contractor will no longer have access to your property.
  6. You can grant access again to the builder or contractors any time by sharing total or partial access of your digital home, selected by room, by feature or the entire home (e.g. all rooms, or bedrooms, or master bedroom or just master bedroom floor)

The best of all: It's 100% free.