New homes sales
If you work as a Real Estate Agent, representing a builder or a home buyer this is your login profile.


With Homespex you have FREE access to house’s detailing information that you won’t find in regular listings and you will be able to give a differentiated option to your client decide on the best investment. This is also a tool to interact and record your interaction between you, the builder and the home buyer. This is a new digital format of the product you are selling.

Some of the benefits

  • Have access to a digital detailed version of your property physical documentation, including finish selection, materials, suppliers, contractors, warranties and more.
  • Eliminates printed manuals and user instructions.
  • Give your clients a permanently identification of their property builder/developer info for future references.
  • Creates an interaction link between you, the builder and the new propertyowner.
  • Document all your communications with builders and buyers.
  • Have a record construction details for future reference.
  • Have pictures during the building process.
  • Creates a digital exposure as a Realtor .


  • Real Estate valid license.

The best of all: it's 100% free